1. Could nearly half of those with Covid-19 have no idea they are infected?  The Guardian
  2. Can a store make me wear a mask to shop? Your COVID-19 questions answered  CBC.ca
  3. COVID-19: Should you be tested for coronavirus if you don't have symptoms?  SooToday
  4. Your COVID-19 and antibody testing questions answered  SFGate
  5. Experts answer your COVID-19 questions, part 13 | Watch News Videos Online  Globalnews.ca
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  1. World No Tobacco Day 2020: Know your risk of different types of cancers if you smoke or chew tobacco  TheHealthSite
  2. Has a nicotine product the same impact in health as the ones that don't have it?  PAHO TV
  3. Massachusetts to end sale of flavored tobacco products starting June 1  WWLP.com
  4. Malaysian children as young as eight have taken up smoking, CAP survey shows  Malay Mail
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  1. Workers Around The World Are Already Being Monitored By Digital Contact Tracing Apps  BuzzFeed News
  2. Scientists call for a contact tracing app regulator  Medical Xpress
  3. European government officials call for tech companies to loosen grip on contact-tracing technology  The Washington Post
  4. Contact tracing could help fight coronavirus  FOX5 Las Vegas
  5. Distrust of Big Tech is Contract Tracing's Biggest Hurdle  Infosecurity Magazine
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Tips for Donating to Charities through an Amazon Wishlist for to Tackle COVID-19 Amazon Wish List
  1. Protect Yourself From Sun to Prevent Skin Cancer  HealthDay News
  2. 18 Actually Good Beauty Products That Are on Sale Online Right Now  Yahoo Lifestyle
  3. The Best Adult, Kids and Baby Sunscreen in Singapore  sassymamasg.com
  4. My 7 Favorite SPF Products.  thestripe.com
  5. I Asked a Dermatologist What's the Deal With Organic Sunscreen—Here's the Truth  Yahoo Lifestyle
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  1. SSRI antidepressants associated with increase in violent crime in some patients  EurekAlert
  2. SSRI Antidepressants Associated With Increase in Violent Crime in Some People  SciTechDaily
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Are viruses alive? Chart hints at a larger debate around Covid-19  InverseView Full coverage on Google News
Ferritin heavy chain protein shows promise as a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine or antiviral  News-Medical.NetView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Large-scale Study Links Dementia Gene to Increased Risk of COVID-19  Technology Networks
  2. Alzheimer’s Gene Linked to Higher Risk of Severe COVID-19  The Scientist
  3. Does 'Dementia Gene' Double Risk of Severe COVID-19?  Medscape
  4. First Thing: a dementia gene makes people more vulnerable to Covid-19  The Guardian
  5. Dementia gene raises risk of severe COVID-19  Medical Xpress
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  1. S. Korea examines first suspected cases of syndrome in kids linked to COVID-19 - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post
  2. Hundreds Of Kids In The US Have Been Hospitalized For The Mysterious Coronavirus-Related Syndrome  BuzzFeed News
  3. Doctors Warn Of Coronavirus-Related Inflammatory Syndrome  CBS Pittsburgh
  4. 2 children recover from suspected inflammatory syndrome, one released from hospital  Korea Times
  5. Kids and COVID-19: What we know about the mysterious inflammatory syndrome  CNET
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  1. COVID-19: Health concerns may have caused many smokers to quit  World Economic Forum
  2. Coronavirus in South Africa: Smokers fume at cigarette ban  BBC News
  3. Tobacco smoking and COVID-19 infection  The Lancet
  4. Tobacco case only likely to be heard in two weeks, as SA keeps puffing away illegally  Citizen
  5. SA Tobacco Alliance blasts ‘political power play’ upholding cigarette ban  The South African
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A Child’s Unique Brain Activity Reveals Their Memory Ability  SciTechDailyView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Type 2 diabetes: Consume this green powder daily to significantly lower blood sugar  Express
  2. Is It Safe To Eat Mangoes If You Have Diabetes?  NDTV Doctor Hindi
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Study: Regular Handwashing Reduces Personal Risk of Acquiring Seasonal Coronavirus Infection | Medicine  Sci-News.comView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Covid-19, Veterans and Mental Health  WKRG
  2. 21 Movies That Truly Understood What Mental Health Struggles Are Like  BuzzFeed
  3. How to Help Kids with their Mental Health  News4JAX
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  1. WHO warns of 'second peak' in areas where Covid-19 is declining  Times of India
  2. Coronavirus pandemic: Updates from around the world  CNN
  3. WHO warns of 'second peak' in areas where Covid-19 declining  The Straits Times
  4. WHO Warns of 'Second Peak' in Areas Where COVID-19 Declining  U.S. News & World Report
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  1. Coronavirus: Cases of stroke in young people with COVID-19 emerge in alarming new studies  Euronews
  2. Where have all the patients gone during COVID-19? Not to the ER. Star analysis reveals stark, nationwide trend  Toronto Star
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  1. US CDC acknowledges mixing data of viral, antibody tests - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua
  2. Coronavirus and CDC: Test Counting Error Leaves Epidemiologists ‘Really Baffled’  The New York Times
  3. U.S. CDC acknowledges mixing up data of viral, antibody tests  CGTN
  4. State says it will no longer combine antibody testing, COVID-19 testing results  KETKnbc
  5. CDC combines virus tests and muddies the U.S. pandemic picture  Minneapolis Star Tribune
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  1. Everyone's talking about Venus Williams' skincare line  The List
  2. “I Don’t Need It I am Invincible” – Venus Williams Jokes About Sunscreen  Essentially Sports
  3. Consumer Reports Ranks Top Sunscreens for 2020  WebMD
  4. Flesh Beauty’s Sheer Flesh Hydrating SPF Serum Review: Serum Sunscreen Is My Favorite  Allure Magazine
  5. Venus Williams Created a Mineral Sunscreen That Doesn't Leave Dark Skin Looking Ashy  InStyle
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  1. Coronavirus: 'COVID-19 crisis has brought us closer together', say Northern Ireland's political leaders  Sky News
  2. Coronavirus: NI leaders thank public for sacrifices  BBC News
  3. Coronavirus Ireland: 13 more deaths and 76 additional cases of COVID-19 confirmed  Dublin Live
  4. Arlene Foster and Michelle O’Neill thank public for personal sacrifices during crisis  Belfast Live
  5. Coronavirus: What we know about Northern Ireland's death toll  BBC News
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  1. US could be coronavirus-free by late September, scientists say  MarketWatch
  2. US coronavirus pandemic could be over as early as November, predictive model shows  Daily Mail
  3. Scientists predict date coronavirus deaths will stop - but there is a warning  Birmingham Live
  4. Coronavirus UK: Scientists predict exact date virus should be gone  Metro.co.uk
  5. Scientists predict exact date coronavirus will end in UK with no deaths a day 'by June'  Mirror Online
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  1. British ASF vaccine said to protect 100% of pigs  Pig Progress
  2. India's Northeast Hit By the African Swine Fever  The Diplomat
  3. Pirbright says African swine fever vaccine gives pigs 100% protection  National Hog Farmer
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  1. Cabin air safe on flights to Spain’s holiday destinations airlines say  Euro Weekly News
  2. Is Flying During Covid Safe? Experts Say Aircraft Have Inbuilt Air Filters That Can Flush Out Viruses  Outlook India
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This new coronavirus test will give on-the-spot results within 20 minutes  MarketWatchView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Millions in UK smoking more amid coronavirus crisis, study suggests  The Guardian
  2. Smoking probably puts you at greater risk of coronavirus, not less  New Scientist News
  3. Smoking a stealth hazard for Covid-19  New Straits Times
  4. RESEARCH CHECK: Does nicotine protect us against coronavirus?  EWN
  5. Christopher Labos on COVID-19: Sorry, smokers, your bad habit won't protect you from coronavirus  National Post
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  1. From Missiles To Deadly Viruses: Iron Dome Architects Develop Innovative Defenses Against COVID-19  Forbes
  2. Israel Fast-Tracks Optimized Elite Defense Technologies To Fight COVID-19 | Technology News  NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News
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  1. 1 in 5 Hospitalized NYC COVID-19 Patients Needed ICU Care  MedicineNet
  2. One new Covid-19 case  Bangkok Post
  3. COVID-19 Daily: Critically Ill NYC Patients, Severe Disease in Kids  Medscape
  4. Elderly covid-19 patients on ventilators usually do not survive, New York hospitals report  The Washington Post
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  1. Doctors Offer Advice To About Pediatric Illness Linked To COVID-19  CBSDFW
  2. Explainer: Do children spread COVID-19? Risks as schools consider reopening  Reuters
  3. EXPLAINER: Do children spread COVID-19?  EWN
  4. Doctors warn parents of inflammatory disease affecting children, maybe linked to COVID-19  KATV
  5. COVID-19 news: Rare illness strikes children; Johnson County city won’t require masks  Kansas City Star
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  1. PSA testing: Prostate cancer cases rising as screening declines  NBCNews.com
  2. Advanced Prostate Cancers Still Rising in US  Medscape
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  1. Genome study links DNA changes to the risks of specific breast cancer subtypes  Medical Xpress
  2. 'I'm lucky': Cancer surgery in midst of coronavirus pandemic  Reuters
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  1. Inside a hospital coronavirus unit fighting to save sickest patients  Channel 4 News
  2. COVID-19 patient recovers from severe case on special ventilator - Business Insider  Business Insider
  3. A 46-year-old doctor in perfect health made a dramatic recovery from a severe case of COVID-19 after being put on a special ventilator for lung transplant patients  Pulse Nigeria
  4. Chandler doctor recovers from virus after 55 days in the hospital  KTAR.com
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  1. Northern Ireland eases restrictions, Ireland deaths at seven-week low  National Post
  2. Covid-19: Four more deaths, 88 additional cases  RTE.ie
  3. Ireland records fewest daily coronavirus deaths since March 27 as country begins to reopen  Irish Mirror
  4. A total of 88 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland - 4 further deaths reported  Cork Safety Alerts
  5. Coronavirus latest as 88 new cases confirmed with 4 further deaths in Ireland  Dublin Live
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  1. Smoking increases SARS-CoV-2 receptors in the lung  PRNewswire
  2. Host-virus interaction drives adaptive mutation in bat CoV related to SARS-CoVs  News-Medical.Net
  3. Coronavirus vaccine: Scientists discover antibodies which could help prevent COVID-19  Express
  4. Pair of antibodies that BLOCK coronavirus from infecting human cells are discovered  Daily Mail
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  1. AstraZeneca in talks with other governments to replicate UK vaccine deal  Financial Post
  2. UK to start production of experimental COVID-19 vaccine by Oxford | World News  WION
  3. UK aims to roll out coronavirus vaccine for 30 million Britons by September  CNBC
  4. UK plans to roll out vaccine by autumn if trials succeed as COVID-19 deaths rise by 170  Sky News
  5. Oxford coronavirus trials: here's what we know so far about the COVID-19 vaccine  sciencefocus.com
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  1. The carbon footprint of cancer care | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Climate change is fueling extreme weather that lowers cancer survival rate and threatens prevention  CNBC
  3. Climate change 'undermining progress in fight against cancer'  The Independent
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  1. Antivirals, anti-inflammatory drugs and prepackaged plasma: A look at the therapies being developed to combat  oregonlive.com
  2. ‘A lot of strikeouts’ in search for COVID-19 cure  The Detroit News
  3. Long read: Chasing the elusive dream of a Covid-19 cure  Otago Daily Times
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  1. ‘Plandemic’ and the Seven Traits of Conspiratorial Thinking  Snopes.com
  2. The Problem With Conspiracy Theories | Forbes  Forbes
  3. Coronavirus, 'Plandemic' and the seven traits of conspiratorial thinking  The Conversation US
  4. False claim: ‘Plandemic’ video on COVID-19  Reuters
  5. How the viral ‘Plandemic’ video became a poster child for coronavirus misinformation  BGR
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  1. Is a second wave of coronavirus coming? This is what we know so far  CNET
  2. Is a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic inevitable?  TRT World
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  1. Hundreds Line Streets For Nurse And His Parents Who Died Of Coronavirus  LADbible
  2. Coronavirus: Mourners honour nurse and parents  BBC News
  3. COVID-19: Mourners line South Shields street to honour nurse and parents who died  ITV News
  4. Pictures show mourners lining streets to bid farewell to South Shields nurse Keith Dunnington and parents Maurice and Lillian  Shields Gazette
  5. NHS staff line streets for funeral of nurse and parents who all died of coronavirus  Mirror Online
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  1. Binge drinking can lead to drunkorexia in young women  National Herald
  2. ‘Drunkorexia’ On The Rise Among Female University Students  Forbes
  3. Binge drinking with restrictive eating- Beware Drunkorexia is calling  Medical Dialogues
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Some studies raise concerns about sunscreen chemicals. But if you dig deeper, evidence is still lacking, experts say.  The Washington PostView Full coverage on Google News
  1. France says coronavirus death toll rises to 27,625  Reuters
  2. France records 104 new Covid-19 deaths as hospital numbers drop below 20,000  FRANCE 24 English
  3. France: First case of child dying from Kawasaki-like disease  Al Jazeera English
  4. Coronavirus: child with Kawasaki symptoms dies in France  The Brussels Times
  5. Covid-19 France:351 new deaths but critical cases fall  The Connexion
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Spraying Disinfectants In Open Doesn't Kill Coronavirus: WHO  NDTVView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Debunked COVID-19 'Plandemic' Conspiracy Driven By Uncertainty  Newsy
  2. A disgraced scientist and a viral video: how a Covid conspiracy theory started  The Guardian
  3. 'Plandemic' viral video campaign launched by ex-Google employee - Business Insider  Business Insider
  4. Experts Explain How To Talk To Someone Who Believes Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories  Bustle
  5. Why conspiracy theories are dangerous  Asia Times
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  1. 'Don't Know How I'm Going To Survive': Business Owners On Impact Of COVID-19 | NBC News NOW  NBC News
  2. NBC News Contributor Fighting Coronavirus On How To Better Protect Ourselves | NBC Nightly News  NBC News
  3. NBC News contributor being treated with oxygen for COVID-19 | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Dr. Joseph Fair: ’Best guess’ is I got coronavirus through my eyes  TODAY
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  1. Apple-Google effort not a panacea for contact tracing  MedCity News
  2. Don’t rely on contact-tracing apps  The Economist
  3. Factbox: The race to deploy COVID-19 contact tracing apps  The Star Online
  4. How to Keep Data Private With Google and Apple’s Contact Tracing App  Cointelegraph
  5. Contact-tracing apps may seem like the coronavirus solution. They’re not  Digital Trends
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  1. Sugary Drinks Increases Heart Disease Risk  WLTZ 38 NBC
  2. Sugary Drinks May Increase Heart Risks In Women By 20 Percent: Study  NDTV Food
  3. Sugary drinks can lead to 20% higher risk of cardiovascular disease in women: Study  The Indian Express
  4. New study reveals the drink that is even worse for you than soda  Ladders
  5. Say No To Sugary Drinks: Know The Several Risks Associated  NDTV
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'It's almost like we dodged a bullet': Kiowa Co., currently COVID-free, still wary it could be next  Denver7 – The Denver ChannelView Full coverage on Google News
  1. T cells found in COVID-19 patients 'bode well' for long-term immunity  Science Magazine
  2. Pangolins May Not Have Been The Intermediary Host of SARS-CoV-2 After All  ScienceAlert
  3. COVID-19 so widespread due to dominant A2a type of SARS-CoV-2: Study  The Indian Express
  4. How sewer science could ease testing pressure and track COVID-19  NBCNews.com
  5. Multiorgan and Renal Tropism of SARS-CoV-2 | NEJM  nejm.org
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  1. WHO sees 'potentially positive data' in treating coronavirus - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post
  2. WHO sees 'potentially positive data' on COVID-19 treatments  Economic Times
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  1. CDC: 2 died, others hospitalized after choir member infected dozens with coronavirus during practice  WHAS11
  2. Coronavirus Ravaged a Choir. But Isolation Helped Contain It.  The New York Times
  3. Washington state choir outbreak called ‘superspreader event’ in report  Q13 News Seattle
  4. Mount Vernon choir COVID-19 outbreak called 'superspreader event' in report  KOMO News
  5. Health authorities explain how choir practice caused the 'superspread' of 52 coronavirus cases in US town  ABC News
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