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Don't expect to travel around Zurich on an electric two-wheeler in the near future. Lime has halted services in Switzerland following reports of its scooters a...

Lime has hit the brakes on its operations in Switzerland, after its scooters began doing the same.

E-scooters can be crazy dangerous even if they’re functioning properly, but especially if they experience glitches or design flaws that can put riders at risk. In Switzerland, an alleged Lime glitch has reportedly left electric scooter riders with serious injuries.

Just as on-demand electric scooters are trying to pick up speed in Europe, one of the scooter market’s most ambitious startups has halted operations in one country after its e-scooters started halting mid-ride, throwing off and injuring passengers. Lime, the Uber-backed bike and scooter rental company that is reportedly raising money at between a $2 […]

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