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Bitcoin (BTC) whales have begun to breach in the cryptocurrency waters. Many believe that this is a sign that crypto market tumult is ahead.

The number of active Bitcoin wallets, many of which have long been dormant, has seen an uptick that could herald some major market movements, analysts claim.

Bitcoin’s sharp and sudden move lower on Thursday has opened the door to further selling pressure in the near term. As Bloomberg recently reported, trading activity by long-dormant crypto accounts is on the rise, which likely means further volatility ahead. Selling Subsides – For Now Bitcoin reached a session low of $3,607.39 on Saturday, according […]

Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has been holding on to the $3,650 mark after enduring two sell-offs that saw its price drop from about $4,050 to $3,850, and then to its current mark, as whales have reportedly started resurfacing.

A deep analysis of Bitcoin (BTC) addresses conducted by China’s state-run financial news publication, National Business Daily (NBD), reveals…